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Originally Posted by woody1981 View Post
I've posted it in all the other threads... why not here to? Just finished it up today.

- Woody

Stock 10/22 Receiver refinished in Molyfusion by Mike at Oxford Armory
Stock 18.5" barrel that was "Nemoized". Nemo also shortened it to 16.25" for me. Dovetail filled/smoothed and Molyfusion by Mike at Oxford Armory
Hogue Overmold stock for standard barrel
CPC'd blackened bolt by Randy with Volquartsen Extractor
Ruger Magnum charging handle with Power Custom guide-rod and spring
Stock Ruger trigger group reworked by Swampy
Rimfire Tech pull mag release
Intensity Optics 6.5-20x44 Scope
Deadnutz 1pc Scope base - Medium
Harris 9"-13" notch-leg bi-pod
you got it right there, i dnt normaly comment in these threads but your rifle is one of my favorites. i bet it will be a squirrel slayin dude. or target what ever ur after.
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