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Originally Posted by Vincent
Forget that thing!

I want one of the Swiss K-31's $129 These are exceptionally well built, finely machined, STRAIGHT pull bolt actions. The round is equal to .308 and is a .30 cal. I have seen them shoot MOA with iron sights. I would not be able to shoot it that well but I can try Great Site.
Oh yeah . . . the K31s are a fantastic bargain. I have a couple of them myself - S&K mounts makes a 'scout type' of scope mount for a forward scope position if you ever change your mind about going with a scope. Replaces tangent rear sight with no drilling / tapping. The reason for scout position is the rifle is a top eject, so scope is offset to either side or scout mount is mandated. Also a pair of micrometer peep sights are available but bring your mastercard - it 'spensive!!

The hand select is worth it - I have one standard beech model, and two walnut stocked hand selects. Best place I've seen for ammo is Dan's Ammo - 480 rounds with 10 stripper clips for $159 plus s&h. Good folks as well.

Hope this helps Vincent.

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