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I make it a point to watch for these detail oriented discussions.
The study related links are the best parts. Only one minor detail to point out.
Sadly enough, no manufacturer sells anything but bulk hi v 22lr.
We can chase the math and offer opinions as to how and why our results are what they are,
but without decent hi v 22lr capable of consistent mv's and having symmetric bullets
none of the arguments can be tested one way or another.
If a rooster lays an egg on the peak of the roof with the earth rotating east and the wind blowing north,
which way will the egg roll......Roosters don't lay eggs and there isn't any match quality hi v 22lr.
Ammunition quality will have more effect on results than the minor differences between SV and Hi V caused by wind drift.
A simple visual inspection of the cartridges and a ballistic chronograph out front defines the problem, quite clearly.

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