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Originally Posted by JMK View Post
CZ is a manufacturing company. Manufacturing is about process design and control. It doesn't much matter where something is made, so long as the product is designed to be manufactured in a certain way, the process is setup that way, and managed to keep everything within control limits.

You may have noticed that the manufacturing processes CZ is using on newer modes is vastly different than that used on older models. A prime example is the CZ 452. During the phase out, CZ went from manual to computer controlled machining processes - this is evident in the finish quality (i.e. lack of tool and grinding marks on receivers, transition to MIM, etc.). By doing this they have relieved the burden of skilled labor and instead rely on computer controlled processes. The benefit to the consumer is that CZ can setup shop anywhere they can hire CNC operators and produce the same quality of product. Setting up in the US has logistical and cost advantages.

I don't expect any CZ made in the US to differ from a contemporary CZ made in the Czech Rep. If you think they won't be the same as your favorite old CZ, you're right, but that's already the case - they already changed how they make them in the old land, too.


PS - maybe they'll bring the BREN 2 to domestic production since it can't be imported under 922(r).
Amen brother new machines mean tighter more accurate machining. My apologies I did not know they were only making pistols here but I think it won't be long before they will expand to other styles of firearms and that will be sweet for all of us here.

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