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Originally Posted by GladesGuy View Post
When Honda started building cars in the US, people said the quality would go down but it didn't. It didn't because Honda as a global company was not going to let that happen to it's reputation. I had a Japan built Fit and now have a Mexican built Fit. The Mexican one is just as good as the Japanese one. If CZ has a culture of quality, the US plant will be run just as well and produce just as good a gun as in the Czech Republic. If it is a cost cutting exercise by a company that does not value quality it will be inferior. The only way to know is to wait and see what is produced. Speaking of which, when and what rifles or pistols is it expected to produce?
Thanks for saving me a lot of typing.

If CZ produces a gun in the US that isn't representative of the guns they make in their country its on them, not the US plant. Like the US plant is going to go rogue or something.
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