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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
Have you actually tried that? All you're gonna light up is whatever is in your hands, you'll be blind to everything beyond it....
Yes I've tried it. The raccoon I mentioned was shot out of a tree at about 1 am with an iron-sights pistol. I remember taking the time to get a good sight picture - and being able to do that.

I have also tried a flashlight taped to a rifle or pistol (can't see the sights) and a scope with lighted crosshairs (can't see the target).

There's nothing special about my headlamps. One type has a fairly narrow beam and is brighter. The other type has a much wider beam and is better for just walking around, but is not as bright. All are several years old, use CR2032 batteries and were cheap.

It sounds like you haven't tried it.
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