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Not a fan of Remington ammo at all.
As an instructor I have solved many students failure to feed issues by taking their remington(umc) ammo away and replacing it with whatever I had on hand.
Their centerfire handgun just seems under powered, causing issues. Doesnít help itís normally with new shooters and brand new, not broken in guns.

The last Remington Golden bullet .22lr I shot, I kept stopping to check if the barrel was clear.
Bang, bang, BANG, pop.
That was 10 years ago, havenít been tempted to try any more Remington since.

Had a student bring a brand new Taurus TX22 to class this weekend, ran maybe 200-250 Thunderbolts through it, started keyholing badly.
I stuck a cleaning brush in it so badly I broke it. I took it home and melted the lead out, then got it cleaned up.
Next day we ran 60 CCI Minimags (40grRN) and then 150 CCI Blazers through it.

A single wet patch after the Minimags then again after the Blazers had it fairly clean and shiny.

It probably didnít help that we were doing mag dumps with the Thunderbirds, but it still shouldnít lead up like that.

Lead rounds are fine, but bad lead rounds make a mess.

Had an instructor at an Appleseed tell everyone to stay away from lead 22ís.
I laughed and asked him what copper washed/plated match quality ammunition he recommended.
Funny, he couldnít answer that one.

Personally, I stick to CCI for cheap, fairly consistent ammo.
Only problem I have had is way too much lube on some fairly recent production (2017?).
Gummed my mags up quickly.

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