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SGC new front sight...and an addition.

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I really like the SGC .22lr, but at 25 yards it was shooting 3 1/2" high with the stock front sight (.4470" according to my micrometer), and rear peep sight bottomed out. So I ordered a .530" front sight from Skinner, and took it to the indoor range a couple miles from the house. One round up with the rear sight and it's shooting bullseye at 25 yards rested.

The new front sight actually measured .5278", close enough. I did have to shave a little off one side of the dovetail to get it seated. It started easy enough with fingers, but stopped less than a 3rd of the way in. Popped it in and out a few times, more passes with the file, and finally got it seated where I wanted..pretty darn tight, could have probably used another 1000th off with the file, but it's in and not moving.

Before we actually got to shooting though, I had to see what the shop had on the rack...wouldn't you know, they had a new Evil Roy carbine .22lr sitting there...and I just had to have it. My "Old Eyes" struggled with the buckhorn rear sight, but I got it dialed in at 25 yards rested, and proceeded put ten rounds in the diamond standing at 15 yards...minute of squirrel if I ever heard of it.

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