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How long ???

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How long can a gun company keep a gun you sent in for repair....Legally ?

I sent a Taurus in for jamming and other repairs, it was a bummer out of the box.

They repaired it and they sent it back to me with the slide buggered to

junk......several places with the finish scraped through to

the metal. I called them up, they sent a label, back it went, and it has now been

5 months and a week. All it needed was the slide replaced, and they say they

don't have a slide, yet they are selling these pistols everyday.

What recourse do I have? They also have a Heritage Steel model they tagged

for replacement, that they say no inventory, since March. They offered me a

much less expensive model for replacement. Nothing to equal the price of the

steel model I purchased new.

I truly don't know how to get these issues resolved.
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