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My trigger is in the box and labled to send to Brimstone tomorow. Shot a match yesterday and did better with the chin weld then I thought I would. I may try it as is a couple more times and decide if i want to add on a riser, shoot it as is, or get a new stock. The cmore was a huge improvement, I like it a lot. I missed more than usual, primarly due to the heat, was 85 to 93 with high humidity during the match. Heat index 100 to 110 ish. Had sweat running down my arms before I shot the first stage, and I was first shooter. TC R22 ran great, I just need more practice with it. Only third time shooting steel with it and first time with the cmore. Shot with some good guys, and had fun despite the heat. Match went quicker than normal, since a third of those signed up did not come, due to the temperature.
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