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The Oxpho Blue experience

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No, it's not a new super cool avant garde musical group . . . . .

just my attempt to refresh the blue on my Walther Sportmodell Meisterbuechse.

As received, it was pretty sad looking. The wood looked fine (for an 80+ year old rifle), but the metal had lost most of its finish and at some some point long ago, some buuba had applied what looked like black paint that was about 30% present.

I haven't messed with any cold blue products in a long time for anything other than minor touch ups. I figured this rifle would be a good use of some Oxpho blue that I've had around for way too long.
I didn't really want to go down to the bare metal and get into polishing, etc., but that's essentially what I ended up doing, mostly because once I got started, I got carried away.

I was afraid I'd end up with a blotchy mess, but after all was said and done (3-4? applications worth), it turned out better than expected. I'm letting it "cure" for a day or two before applying any protective layer.
What say the experts - paste wax or something like RIG?

The light today is lousy for pictures and the "before" pictures from the seller are terrible, but eventually, I'll post some pre- and post-Oxpho snapshots.
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