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Yes, I know the Sheridan's are harder to pump, but this pistol is EXTREMELY hard, As I said before the wife or a child couldn't pump it.

I was a kid with my first Blue Streak (still have it) and to pump it I had to hold it against my body and use both hand pulling toward me.
This pistol is easier after pumping it on and off for a couple of days but still very hard, too hard to be acceptable.'
I suspect that when Crossman made this one they used steel and not brass or bronze as Sheridan did for the tube, and there is a slight amount of rust or corrosion inside the fill tube yet I can't see it without dissembling the gun which I would rather not do.

The real question is what product can I use inside that tube to lube things that won't affect the ram rubber or cause problems in the valve system?

Edit: Fill tube is apparently brass not steel.

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