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Originally Posted by 56S View Post
So far not impressed. Trigger, even after some work was like a 2 stage with the second still having some gritty creep. I did like the stock but we couldn't find any ammo in our collection that would shoot better than 1.5" at 50 yards. There are a few features worth mentioning. Last shot hold open and the ability to push the bolt handle in to hold the bolt back. When the last shot is fired, removing the mag allows the bolt to close. The follower fouls the bolt after the last shot is fired. The mag release lever has one heck of a strong spring. I'd change that. I still may buy one in hopes the barrel itself isn't the reason the precision is poor.
The mag release spring needs to be strong to hold the mag firmly. A weak spring will cause failures-to-feed.
I like them all.
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