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I have a Ruger American and I think it is the best choice in this class. Not without the occasional QC slip, but; what can you do? Pay a lot more? Savage and anything Remlin is far more risky - IMHO as always.

The CZ455 is a step up, or should be. It is more gun for more money. unfortunately, mine did not shoot as well as my Ruger and I did an expensive aftermarket barrel replacement. It shoots fine now at 2x the initial cost. If you appreciate a nice walnut stock then I still feel this is worth considering. My 452 and 453 were both out standing shooters. The 452 & 455 were 22 mags.

The mechanics of both the Marlin and Savage bolt is worlds inferior to either the Ruger American or CZ455. I suggest the OP, remove the bolts and look at all four. These two go back to the old days when 22's were cheap kids guns. The Ruger and CZ are built to big boy design features. The fact Marlin is now under Remlin control is another cause for concern.

Both Ruger and CZ triggers start out ok and can easily be made better. No idea about the other two. I had a Marlin back before I got into things the way I am now. I did manage to break the Marlin.

The occasional Savage centerfire lemon will show up at the club. Fairly regular. Most do shoot excellent for the dollar. I am talking center fire now. No real rimfire experience.

Luck has to be a factor in any purchase. It maybe a vain, but; if it was me, I would consider my own taste or preference on the looks and feel or balance of the gun. The Ruger is easy to carry and hunt all day. The CZ is my idea of a looker. The other two, not for me.

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