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Originally Posted by prewoodsman View Post
I read these comments and questions yesterday and have pondered off and on a response since.
A Woodsman with a mushy Trigger pull is Not exceedingly rare but it is unusual and is not always attributed to just the Sear.
A replacement Sear that required a fair bit of metal to be removed to achieve a factory proper crisp pull? Once completed, was a proper Safety Engagement check performed ?

Tom Platt

Thank you for your time.

Safety check performed. I have a couple hundred rounds through it and everything is still running safely.

When I say "a fair bit of metal", I do mean that relative to the size of the piece I am working on. It was enough to correct the sear and hammer notch relationship and give me a pull that is similar to the rest of my Woodsman pistols.

After the safety and functional checks, I don't want to shoot the pistol any more as I would hate to compromise the surfaces I spent so much time on.

By the way, I did try a couple of different sears and hammers prior to working on this and still ended up with the same mushy pull.

Do also note that I bought the pistol used and it HAD been monkeyed with. I replace most of the fire control parts, the sear spring, hammer strut, etc. etc.

None of these helped the trigger pull at all...therefore, I am in agreement with you that there was another issue with the gun, be it the true positional location of the fire control group pin holes or something else.

That being said, I have how a safe, crisp, factory feeling trigger pull. I would hate to lose the work I put into it, hence the question about the material and the proper hardening procedures.....if they are even needed. I would just imagine that being a sear and being from the 1960s I would assume this is a case hardened part.

BY THE WAY: of all the darn Woodsmans I have owned or shot, this was the first one I ever witnessed with a crappy trigger pull. Go figure it would be a match target.

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