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Woodsman Sear steel. What type.

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Not too long ago I finally stumbled upon a 6 inch Match Target. A gun I had been pining over for a considerable time. It's a 1969 model, Series 3 obviously.

My only issue with this gun is that it had a horribly mushy trigger pull.

I purchased a couple of extra sears and was able to get an awesome, factory proper crisp pull. My eyes about exploded working with my glasses and machinist magnifiers but I got it.

In doing so, I removed a fair bit of metal to get the sear shaped the way I want it. It turned out right pretty.

Here are my questions:

Are the Woodsman sears ( Series 3 ) case hardened or are they a tool or ordnance grade, through hardened steel?

If they are case hardened, I have the tools to heat the sear and I can get some Kasenit or Cherry Red to do the job. No sweat.

If they are a tool steel, does anyone one know what type? Air, Water, Oil? What would be good hardening temps and times for the type of steel?

Thank you, everyone for your time.
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