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I should say that there is quite a bit of theory regarding sear engagement and each pistol is different. You can find a lot of information on this for a few pistols....other pistols and there is absolutely none, other than factory drawings which you will not have access to. The lowly P22 actually has a straight forward trigger bar that presses on the lower legs of the sear and rotates the sear off the hammer hook essentially like a 1911. No side of the frame trigger bar there......straight shot from rear of trigger to bottom of the sear.

One of the latest schemes for the 1911 sear is the true radius method. The tiny edge of the sear is stoned using a special jig to match the radius of the parts rotation. The jig has four different holes at various distances from the center rotation point because the length of the sear arm from the center of the rotation point effects accuracy of the cut.

So, this can all get very complex....and manufacturers of pistols we are are discussing are set up with a fairly good trigger but one that is safe and will remain safe with some wear. That of course will not give you the best trigger possible. But is a good way for manufacturers to go when selling to the general public. 1917

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