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spare parts = ssh?

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having collected the major components from the classified here on rfc...and adding in a few leftovers from previous builds, then topping it off with a couple new parts, i think i have come up with a supersport heavy build

i was lucky enough to start with one of the free uppers that f.j. feddersen gave away (very generous...cant thank you enough)

ruger target model stock (rfc classifieds)

metal trigger group (rfc classifieds)

20" gm barrel with very minor pitting (rfc classifieds)
vq hp action kit, bolt release, and safety
bsa sweet scope
bastion mag release
jwh bolt/handle/buffer
ruger pins, screws, and v-block

and a splash of bronzy osbourne duracoat with a satin finish

i am really happy with the results...

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