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Bucks Owin

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More lube!?!

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Just as an aside, I've probably built at least a dozen benches over the years and agree that the stronger the better. But IMHO if you have to reef on the handle of your press so hard that bracing to wall studs isn't strong enough you are either sizing .50 BMG with a carbide size die or you aren't using enough case lube! A lot of folks get by with clamps on the kitchen table for that matter. If one doesn't forsee any swaging operations etc a bench needn't weigh 1000 lbs or need excess bracing IMHO. If you can tie into a couple wall studs you'll be OK....



BTW, Mark that's a beauty that you built and I'm sure an enjoyable place to spend time. (Cool site too!) KC, thanks for the Willys comment, I hope to be using it as my "daily driver" next year.

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