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Originally Posted by bob finger View Post
Success!!!! I was able to caress a 3mm allen wrench into the bolt head with a 12 ounce hammer and after a bit of heat the bolt came out. I had to put the wrench in a vise and tap the bolt off the wrench, but that is acceptable. bob

ps: still have not heard back from Browning. I won't be holding my breath.
Bob, I had this EXACT same experience with a new Buckmark (purchased in Oct 2016). The only hex wrench I could get in there was a 3mm, and it was a rather tight fit. So tight, in fact, that I couldn't get it to go all the way in (but it was enough to get the screw out without buggering it too badly). Thinking mine was just out of spec, I ordered a replacement from Browning. While ordering, I asked, and she said with conviction that it should be a 7/64 hex head. I haven't tried the replacement yet (just received it the other day). (EDIT: I have since checked it, and it's exactly like the stock screw... 7/64 spins freely, but a 3mm is an overly-tight fit.)

If the replacement is same way, I'll buy an extra 3mm wrench (or two) and sand the flats down a tiny bit, just until it slides in there nicely. Not ideal to need a special tool for this, but way better than rounding it off with the wrong size wrench or because the 3mm wouldn't go in fully.

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