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Proposed Winter Air Rifle Match

RFC Winter Air Rifle Match

Musings: A collection of brain droppings.

A casual and fun event for beginners to experts while Pursuing Your Own Excellence. Trying different equipment, stance, hold, pellets, temperature, Etc. You are shooting against yourself.

How about no time limit. No pressure. Pursue your goal at your own pace. Establish your own best procedure and habits. Then speed it up in regular competition.

It appears that most of the posts are comfortable with 10 meters (~33 Ft.) which is an acceptable standard.

The standing position is the most difficult test in shooting. If you have a handicap, sitting is OK but elbows must be free of contact.

.177 & .22 are the most selected, start with that. Same target. KISS principal applies. Only one target to worry about.

Number of shots?
Starting out, how about 10. If you want to do more, shoot more and post your best.

Every two weeks.

Posting Info?
Name, Match No, Rifle Mfg, Sight, Caliber, Pellet, Position, Indoor/Outdoor, Score.
Target picture is optional.

A down-loadable target, 10 meter with a black area in the 9 ring area with a white center. (I like the 5 bull, 2 shots per bull = 10) Then it's more user friendly for iron sights, peep sights and scopes.

Air rifle, springer, single pump, multi-pump, PCP, CO2.
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These are just a few thoughts to start with. What is yours?

I would like to have a target we select first so we can practice now.
Anyone have a source, idea, link?

Pointfocus, P.M.O.E.
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