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S&W Model 17

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I was wondering how many other forum members own a model 17 ? I had been wanting one for many years and was watching for just the right "deal" to come along .
It seemed each year I looked the prices increased a little .
I finally found a very nice 17-3 made in 1972 in excellent original condition with only a faint turn line on the cylinder at a LGS just last year and brought it home.
It's a beautiful revolver and I very much enjoy shooting it ...the turn line is now a little more pronounced . The trigger pull is fantastic and it has the target trigger & hammer.
Not too long ago I was back at the same gun shop . When the owner saw me he called over and showed me a Model 14-1 made in 1960 that had seen very little use . It came with the original serial numbered box, target trigger , target hammer & the correct target grips . I brought that one home about a week later .
I now have two matching revolvers . One in .22 and the other in .38
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