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So, did OP end up keeping it and changing the sights or selling?

I've never shot a Single Ten, but love SA revolvers. My Hunter model is my fav so far with its 7.5" barrel and gold/fine bead front sight. I've shot 5.5" SS, but own a .45 convertible Blackhawk in that length. The Ten haven't really been on my radar as I like the ability to use magnums, even if I don't really use it much, though lack of ammo is more of the reason for that. Now, a long barrel (9.5" minimum, but 10.5" like the Super Blackhawk would be nice ) convertible Single Nine sounds like a great idea for a new revolver. Magnums out of that length of barrel should have really good ballistics; heck a .357 10.5" Blackhawk would be even better, but Ruger only have it in .44 Mag, which I'm not all that interested in. I'll probably end up biting the bullet and getting one anyway just for a buntline-ish addition to my collection, but a .22 mag or .357 would have been great!
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