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No sweat. Using something handy, like a toothbrush handle, depress the follower so the follower button in the side is almost bottomed out. This will center the button in the round hole at the bottom of the slot. The button has a smaller diameter section that acts as a retainer - it engages with the edges of the slot it rides in. With the follower depressed, the larger diameter of the button will line up with the round hole. You can then remove the button. Ease up on the follower and it will pop itself out.

The worst deposits are usually inside the mag where the bullet nose rides. The follower itself gets a fair amount of crud that doesn't show up real well because the follower is black and the crud blends in. On a couple mags that were still a bit sticky after cleaning, I have polished them with very fine wet-or-dry paper. I forget if I mentioned it before, but I also polish the edges of the slots as well. Good luck with the Buck Mark. They're certainly one of my favorites..................chim
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