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Ruger Bearcat and 30 years buckle questions

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Just wondering if those in this forum could help with a couple of items?

First: I have a Official Ruger 30 Year bronze belt buckle in the shape of a shield that I bought from the Busy Bee gunshop in columbus, Ohio in 1979 marked Ruger at the top and has the eagle with 30 years of Ruger firearms 1949 - 1979 around it. I stopped wearing it some time ago and was wondering if there is an interest in these and what they are worth?

Second: A co-worker of mine showed me his Bearcat that he inherited from his granfather. I am told it was made in 1958. Serial number is B004. The revolver is in very excellent shape other than the finger tab on the extractor under the barrel being broken off. He contacted Ruger about getting the gun repaired and was told that they could but they wanted to put the transfer bar conversion kit into it also. I suggested that he should check with collectors to see if that would hurt its collectable status and to find out if the original parts are returned like they are with a Single-six or Blackhawk.
What do you say, should he leave it alone or send it to Ruger?

Thanks Sceva

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