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Final questions before I purchase my CZ

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I'm getting ready to purchase my 1st CZ for Sporter 3P class competition this week and have just a few last minute questions before I take the plunge. Over the past few weeks I think that I have read about every post on every forum regarding the CZs and have tried to put to rest most of the questions that have come up in my head. Here are my last remaining questions (I promise :-)

1. For competing in the Sporter "T" class with a scope it seems like the preferred CZ model is the "American" as the comb height is higher than the hogback "Lux", "UltraLux", "Trainer", and "FS" type of stock. Does that sound about right ? Anybody compete with the "Lux" type stock with a scope and have no problem with it ?

2. Is the stock on the "Style" model with the higher "Monte Carlo" more comfortable for overall 3P shooting with a scope than the "American" stock ?

3. 452 vs 455 - In looking over all the posts I could find (some old and some new) there looks to be a strong preference for the 452 "American" vs the newer 455 version for many reasons. Is that still the opinion of most of the Sporter class competitors or has that opinion softened as more people have tried the newer version out ?

4. If I get the "American" 452 model for scope use, what open sights (front and rear) would you recommend to purchase so that I could also use this same gun for "O" class ?

5. What ammo seems to be the most favored for this rifle in Sporter class competition ? So far I see a lot of the Elay, Lapua, and Wolf mentioned. Any competition favorites consensus ?

6. Should I immediately piller and bed the "American" model ? Does it need it ?

I guess that's it for all the questions. I would appreciate any final guidence that you could offer.

Thanks as always
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