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I shot a little this afternoon. Thought I'd try a couple ammos to see if they might have the potential to get my 580 into the 13mm game. It was too windy for a real run at it, but the Fiocchi SM320 shows promise. It's the first I've shot of it and I was impressed with the ammo. I really do not like the Simmons Pro-hunter I have on it. Most likely will change it out to Nikon Buckmaster 6-18 before I make the attempt. Also shot some CCI Subsonic Hollow Points that was the rage in the Subsonic HP poll in January. They won't chamber well in my 541S or my 452FS, but the extra length on the driving band seems to work well in the 580.

It wasn't serious shooting this afternoon, but it was nice to get outside and make some noise. It seems the wind has been killer for the last 3 months and not many good days roll around on the weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, but I won't get to see much of it and no shooting. Drat!

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