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Yes, I have seen a lot of those. Makes you wonder why some people do not clean their rifles. I bet the "Floating chamber" is gunked up too. You will need to clean it if you are going to shoot shorts.

Just remove the inner magazine tube and the take-down bushing (screw headed nut at the front of the receiver) and lightly tap the outer mag tube which is connected to the receiver insert back into the action about 3/8th of an inch - ENSURE THE CARTRIDGE STOP/CARRIER IS DOWN OUT OF THE WAY FIRST - Spray a little Remoil or penetrating oil around the chamber and work it out with a small screwdriver. Remove it completely from the action and clean the relief inside the barrel, clean the floating chamber and reverse assembly.

DO NOT unscrew the large "screw" on the bottom of the receiver. Might as well get really dirty and spray out the whole action with gunscrubber or carb/brake cleaner. Blow out with compressed air and lightly lube with RemOil and blow out again.

I'm a nut for a really clean action so after I clean with carb cleaner I give the whole action a hot water soapy bath and rinse, lots of round brushes etc. But then you MUST blow out with compressed air the plungers on both the receiver insert and the trigger assembly and reoil them with RemOil.

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