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Originally Posted by dogtrialerguy View Post
You know come to think about it on that particular gun I put a weaker spring in it of the same diameter. You need an assortment of springs to get it right. I bought an assortment from wolfe spring co.
OK.... Thanks

Originally Posted by SLS View Post
Get the spring from Yodave. My trigger is at about 12 oz.

Which spring did you use ? So, all you did was change the spring and set the pull and creep with the new spring ? Does Yo Dave sell just the springs ?


Pics will be forthcoming once I have it scoped and ready to go. Should be next week if all goes well. We are hunkered down for the night as we went from 80 deg. yesterday to frost warnings for over night tonight. Thats kinda a bugger for us here in Southernmost IL. This was not supposed to happen until tomorrow night so plants etc. had to be moved in the last hour..... Go figure......

Again, Thanks all.
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