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My favorite Mossberg feature ever?

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Definitely the "controlled round feed" bolt (if that's the right term for it) that the 46 and 346 (and perhaps others as well) have. Doesn't work the same way CRF does on a Mauser-type action, but this is the best feed mechanism I've found in any tube-fed bolt-action .22.

Here's a quick video I made today in an attempt to illustrate this for other people.

Sorry it isn't super great, it's really hard to hold a rifle and work the bolt while trying to record a video, all with only two hands.

I think my perfect .22 rifle would involve this Mossberg feed mechanism, the Remington 580 series bolt, the Marlin 881 pattern magazine tube and walnut stock, and top it all off with some nice aperture sights for hunting.
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