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Originally Posted by weaselfire View Post
The two best accuracy improvements for a stock 10/22 are good ammo and practice. The standard mechanical changes such as barrel, bedding and triggers get you from 90% to 99%.

Small things like rear tangs, special bolts or receivers only take you that last 1% and the vast majority of shooters rarely reach that stage. Heck, for most shooters, the 90% is better than they'll accomplish.

But, if it makes you happy, do it anyway. There are reasons other than pure accuracy for most modifications.


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Well said Weasel, Better said than I could do in the other thread. Do you remember the JC Whitney catalog? Headers promised 20%, mufflers another 20%, carburetor another 20%. It just doesn't work like that especially if none of it played well together! Some would have us believe the addition of a rear tang will transform a factory stock 10/22 into a tack driving rifle.
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