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Part 3 – On The Range (again)

Since the last time I was able to get onto the range with the LGU, I acquired a set of Sportsmatch 30mm mounts so I could fit my Edgar Brothers 20x42 scope. So with this duly mounted it was back out on the range today (4th October). While a dry and sunny day, unfortunately the wind was blowing a lot worse than on my first outing, so I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results today as the wind was definitely having an effect.

As well as the mounts I also acquired two ‘Gun Tuff’ resettable metal practice targets from JS Ramsbottom. Essentially these are a face plate much as you would see on a normal field target but fixed rather than falling, mine are shaped like a rabbit. There is a kill zone of approximately 40mm diameter and hanging under the target is a re-set disc. Basically knock the kill zone down then hit the lower disc to set it back up again. These have an integrated ground spike allowing easy setting out. I set these targets out, one at 40 yards, the other at 70 yards.

Once I had zeroed the rifle and established the dial setting for 40 yards, knocking down and re-setting the 40 yard target was refreshingly easy with the LGU even in the variable breeze. Whilst doing this I decided to examine how sensitive to hold the rifle is. This came as something of a revelation, initially I used my ‘normal’ spring gun FT hold – target went down an up consistently. Next I tried gripping it like it was a .458 Win Mag with full house ammo – no detectable change in impact target still going up and down every time. Next just resting the rifle in my left hand and lightly in my shoulder with barely a touch on the grip up, down, up down, then gripping right at the front of the fore-end and pulling firmly into the shoulder – up, down, up down, well you get the picture.

Within reason I varied my holds as much as possible and couldn’t seem to get an appreciable change in how the rifle performed. Now perhaps it wasn’t hitting the same pellet mark each time, but in normal FT circumstances it would hit a full size 40mm target at 40 yards seemingly irrespective of what hold I applied!

Going onto the 70 yard target was more variable as the wind was just playing havoc, but, picking lulls in the wind and firing I managed to get a 45 mm group of six shots and knocked it down a few times too, but realistically given the conditions today that was fun and games than a true indication of how the rifle will perform at ranges beyond those you would encounter in competition and way beyond what would be ethical for live quarry work.

I will now wait for a really good day to test at 50 yards as from what I am seeing I think the rifle will perform well.

So, summing up, I think that at the retail price for this rifle (in the UK), it is a very good gun and should make the other manufacturers of similarly styled rifles sit up and pay attention. It isn’t a perfect rifle, but let’s face it no mass produced rifle is ever going to be totally perfect, but out of the box you would be hard pressed to be overly critical of this gun.

So, comparing it against it’s major competitors and guns that have evidently inspired it’s design, the following is a points rating:

Make: LGU - TX200 Mk3 - HW97K

Bluing: 9/10 - 10/10 - 8/10
Stock Design (Beech): 9/10 - 8/10 - 8/10
Firing Cycle: 10/10 - 8/10 - 8/10
Trigger: 8/10 - 10/10 - 9/10
Consistency: 10/10 - 9/10 - 9/10
Value for Money: 10/10 - 9/10 - 8/10

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