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Most pre-war Hornets were 16 twist, but with a .223 groove dia. Modern Hornets are .224 and usually 14 twist. .22 LR barrels are .222. Sierra still sells .223 bullets for the old Hornet barrels and with some freebore, .223 bullets would probably swage down okay in your .22 40X barrel. Since you have a gunsmith who can machine your barrel to fit, you could use it for about any .22 rifle you want. Having built a number of rifles on the 40X rimfire action, I've accumulated pulloff barrels and have used them on Anschutz, Remington 37 and just recently a Win. 52. Several years ago, I fitted one to a modern Savage .22 to make a economical LH target rifle for a junior. Always good to have too big of a barrel; you can always cut it down to needed size.
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