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Anschutz MSR RX-22 Or GSG-15 Competition

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Hi guy's I also posted this on another forum. I could use some help. Wonder if I could get some suggestions. I was looking at the preorder for the new GSG-16. So I did some homework and found out that they made a GSG-15 with an Anschutz barrel and trigger. Then I find out they made an Anschutz MSR RX-22 which is supposed to be pretty accurate. I have read that the GSG 15 had some feeding problems. But that could be the ammo. Cabelas just put the GSG-15 Competition on sale for $500.00 and the MSR is $630.00 ( Canadian Prices ) or do I just go with the new GSG-16 @ $450.00. I'm not into spray and pray, although it is fun once in a while. LOL. I would like something fairly accurate. I know they won't shoot like my CZ-452. Soooo, which one do suggest that I buy. Thanks guys.
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