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[QUOTE=bubba68;11409381]When I was using the JB Weld I was thinking why not use the JB and make a bridge across the firing pin channel then when it is dry go in with a needle file and file the JB enough to let the firing pin through. If you were careful you could make the opening just a few thousands bigger than the pin. There is virtually no upward pressure from the firing pin so I would think the JB would last forever.

Had some spare time yesterday so I decided to do a JB Weld firing pin channel to keep the firing pin from moving up. Used a cutoff wheel to make a small grove in both sides of the channel to give the JB something to hang on to. Put the JB in the channel and let it sit overnight.

Used a drill to make a small hole through the JB and then used a small needle file to open up the slot for the firing pin. Was able to get a very close fit between the firing pin and the opening. Virtually no upward movement of the firing pin but it still moves freely, no binding.

Will see how it works when I get it to a range and put some rounds through it.
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