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Another thing......

I think that another plus for the 17WSM is that we now have the internet and a FaceBook page for this newest of rimfires.The 5mm never had that kind of publicity plus some people think the millimeter designation scared a few folks off too.People can share pictures of rifles group sizes and fixes to their rifles along with hunt videos instantly,just think if the internet and Eric Mayer’s 5mm page was around back then,things would be different today for the 5mm.I have been on the fence about this cartridge for a while hoping to see CZ,Sako,Anshutz,and perhaps Tikka get on board,I think Europeans are not so quick to jump on the bandwagon but once they do I am sure they will offer some awesome guns for this cartridge.I feel that once they see how much this cartridge is loved they will build ‘em.The 17HMR is a great cartridge with some mighty big shoes to fill but it can be done.The best thing we can do is keep buying what is currently out there and shooting this cartridge and eventually we may see lots more offerings in 17WSM.Corporate bean counters want instant results,but I think in the firearms industry it does take time for guys to pony up and buy that new gun that they want but need to justify in their heads and perhaps pocketbook.I think in time we will see the 17WSM is here to stay
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