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Originally Posted by Eyelawdoc View Post
Sorry, but the rubber wrap around URX grips fit only the Buckmarks with the URX frame. They are too small to fit the Buckmark UFX pistols. Buckmarks come with 3 different frame/grip styles: URX, UFX and UDX. Grips are not interchangeable between these styles.

If you are looking for wrap around grips for your UFX, wood grips # B5152861 are available from Browning to fit your gun:

https://www.midwestgunworks.com/browning-buck-mark/parts.html#/filter:hierarchy:Gun$2520Parts$253EBrowning$253EPi stol$2520Parts$253EBrowning$2520Buck$2520Mark$253E Grips

Altamont also makes laminated wood wrap around grips that fit your UFX:

Thanks for the tip and info, Rosewood grips from Altamont have been ordered. And, they will look much nicer than black URX grips.
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