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Rick H.
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SBS and M52E1: Thanks for the replies and I understand what you are saying/trying to explain. As I said earlier I normally start any test of ammunition at 25 yards and work out from there. If a certain brand or lot of ammunition doesn't look promising at 25 yards, it won't look any better at 50 or 100 yards. At least that's been my experience. I guess in a way I am saving myself some steps by starting at 25 yards, plus in my case, I know full well I can hold "tight" at 25 yards before going further out. Certainly some potentially good performing ammunition at 25 yards will show not so good results at 50 and ultimately 100, but 100 is as far as I go with rimfire stuff anyway. Plus where I shoot there are usually varying wind conditions that can play havoc with testing at 100 yards. Thanks again...

Rick H.
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