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My experience with testing and evaluating ammunition at 50' or 75':

- The closer ranges do not allow the tester to see shot to shot dispersion/variability that occurs as the target is moved out to 50 yards, 50 meters or 100 yards
- The first time I tested at Lapua it was very interesting to see the "outlier" shots in a ten shot group at 50 yards as some of the time they were also slightly out at 100 yards, however more often than not they were significantly out at 100 yards
- An example would be a 10 shot group at 50 meters that was 16mm (okay - not great) that often would be 30mm or more at 100 yards
- What I did find interesting was that when a group shot extremely well at 50 yards most times it did as well at 100 yards. However, the number of lots that shot well at both distances was fairly small

Several years ago a very good fellow prone shooter I know tested some Wolf Match Extra at 25 yards and after finding a "good lot" he purchased 3-4 cases. I was shooting near him when he used it in his first match and after about 4 targets and multiple fliers he put it away for good and went back to his previous lot of ammunition. His next step was to only test and shoot Eley Tenex and the results were immediate as he has fired multiple 1600 scores with it.

Please understand that I am not recommending that people go out and immediately test or purchase Tenex or Midas Plus (Personally I wouldn't purchase either of them without testing given their price). What I am saying is that testing at 50 or 100 yards using a standard testing routine will give the shooter the best chance of identifying the best lot of ammunition for their rifle.

Some of my best overall scores have been shot with Eley Match that I tested prior to purchase. My test routine in those days was to test from the shoulder at 50 yards and 100 yards shooting multiple 10 shot groups. Once I found something I liked I would purchase another 500 rounds and shoot it during an anysight (scope) day of a 3200 match. If I liked those results I would typically purchase all that was available so that I had enough for some period of time to come.


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