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So far so good. This can NOT be a STOCK class. There is no point in that. Remember, this is FUN. That was why I tend to think of this as a noncompetitive class.

I'm a racer. I took 300 dollar 10,000 rpm Yamaha Kart motor that would last half a season and turned it into a $1000 14,400 rpm motor that lasted for a hour and a half. And then needed a 500 dollar rebuild. I spent nearly $2000 a race in 1980's dollars to race a twin engine Kart!! That was for a half hour practice and a one hour race. This was good enough to run at a Nation Championship level. Racing/competition have a way of making things LESS fun in alot of ways. Let's NOT make this type of rifle anything like THAT.

Rules....remember the less the better I think. This is about sharing and learning. If sawdust wants to set his barrel back and rechamber (thats what I'm planning next) and Phil wants to put a Green Moutain Sporter whats wrong with that? If they are not directly competeing whats the problem and why should anybody tell either of them what to do? ENJOY YOUR RIFLE.

I think, for me the stock should stay Ruger or Ruger inspired. My 1976 Carbine has the walnut stock but it stick out WAY past the but plate all around. Because of that there is a LARGE chip next to the butt plate. So my plane is to sand down the stock to match the buttplate. It will look alot better, it will protect the stock from chipping again aand it will leave the stock with less of a "clubby" feel.

Then I'm going to do something RADICAL with the bedding!! What? Melvin Forbes of Ultra Light Arms found that his thin barreled guns shot better with complete, full length, bedding. YUP!! I'm gonna bed the whole darn thing and then I'm going to clamp it tight with the barrel band. Think of how stiff that barrel will be. Just that 6 inches or so sticking out. Will it shoot little tiny groups? Heck, I don't now but I will.....and so will you. Because I post it and you will know if it worked or not.

In fact I think I will bed it first, test it. THEN I will set the barrel back and test it again. I will then post that. Get the idea? If we all do stuff like this we will find out what works and what does not.

What will we learn? Alot of things I hope. One thing that I am almost sure we will learn is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. That there are MANY ways to make these little guns shoot.

What do you think? Maybe worry less about what is or is not a SuperStock and start (or continue) building them. Personally I really don't care what barrel you have. Mine will be a Randy tuned stocker that already shoots VERY well.

Is there anybody fighting about what is or is not an "Ultimate"? Than why fight about this?
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