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Ok, you guys got me! Not only am I not going to sell the 12/15 but I'm going to try my hand at refinishing the metal (rust blueing) and replacing the stocks. I'll do my best to record the project as I go and post updates.

I just received a set of replacement stocks from Gunstocks, Inc. and they seem fine (plain walnut but exactly as described, very fast shipping, and a very fair price I think) but, there is a chip out of the top of the butt stock where it meets the butt plate, a very visible location. I've emailed the company to see if there is a recommended product to try to fill it or if I should return it. What do you guys think? It's not very large but if I fill it I don't want to see it when finished.

Also, I need to locate a forearm attaching screw and if there is an escutcheon pressed into the forend screw hole I'll need that as well. The current BR forearm is attached by way of a custom band around the barrel and I'l like to return it to original. So far no luck finding parts after lots of time spent looking. I have emails into Airgun parts and another UK company so we'll see if they have anything. If anyone happens to have spares please let me know! Oh, and a butt plate too!

The weather is crap so it seems like a good time to begin disassembly!

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