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Just to give folks an idea of why this situation is a dilemma for me...

I was actually in the process of trying to build my first custom 10/22s...three of them! First would be long distance target with an Odyssey stock and silver Kidd barrel and trigger group. The other two I was planning on calling "Fire and Ice" - "Fire" would be with a red stock (got it already and it is GORGEOUS) and black gun parts as well as some decals on the barrel (will use the tri-fluted barrel from KSA), "Ice" would be one with blue stock (got a Boyd's unfinished and will stain myself and maybe give it a white stripe) and silver parts.

I was planning on using the stock 10/22 receiver for the first and second custom builds, so leaving it stock was the last thing on my mind. Additionally, what if it actually shoots worse after these $$$$ mods?!?
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