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Originally Posted by gmd1950 View Post
Basically you leave it alone, I use a Patchworm to pull a couple of patches sometimes when it needs it but with a lot of rifles on hand none get shot enough to need a lot of shooting. Many here say I should at least do something with the trigger, maybe one day.
I've read from good sources that the trigger doesn't necessarily affect the accuracy - including that book I mentioned where the author had one particularly heavy 11lb trigger example; however it still shot really good groups. Supposedly you learn to shoot that trigger. Still, I would 100% agree that a nice light trigger feels worlds better than a heavy gritty one.

Regarding cleaning...

I'm torn between:
1) Never cleaning the barrel - I've never done this. Sounds uncivilized.
2) Shooting it "clean" by shooting some copper jacketed ammo through once in a while to blast out any lead build-up - I do this once in a while with my pistols, but I usually still eventually clean it when the action gets really dirty.
3) Full clean - my usual practice once it gets dirty enough to affect accuracy or action where I use a barrel cleaning spray and then a snake bore pulled through a few times with a tiny bit of oil on the end of it.

Originally Posted by gmd1950 View Post
Enjoy your rifle.
Best advice yet! However I'll add a bit..."Enjoy your rifle...and don't mess it up if it's shooting great."
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