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Originally Posted by gregbenner View Post
Are there any real improvements other than easy to clean? That might be a big deal to someone buying their first 22 pistol, but other than that I didn't notice anything else. Perhaps because field stripping was so convoluted in the past, its a big deal to make it easy, like most other 22s? What am I missing?
to me, this new MK IV is Rugers answer to the easy takedown of the new S&W victory pistol. I have owned a MK I, MK II and I still have a GOLD LITE 22/45. the take down has ALWAYS been a royal PITA to me, AND a lot of other people. it IS the reason I don't own other ruger pistols, too much hassle. I have had my lite 5+ years, and I have NEVER taken it down, thank goodness for spray gun scrubber!this new MK IV may just make me buy another ruger! ruger has given us the ease of takedown that has been needed FOR YEARS!
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