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R55/Weatherby/BRNO511 questions.

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I have a new in the box TC R-55 Benchmark with the heavy barrel that I haven't fired yet along with a few other NIB rimfires. I'm going to thin the herd and get down to one semi auto .22 and one bolt action .22 so I'm looking for any advice anybody might have on a couple rifles. I'm familiar with the issues some of the TC's had with the chipped chamber and some have issues with ftf especially if dirty etc but how would the TC compare to a comparable shape weatherby semi auto in regards to accuracy, function etc? I was hoping someone here had maybe owned both and can give me an idea. I really didn't want to shoot the TC if i decide to get rid of it anyways. Any experience on the BRNO as well? I'll prob post this same thing in the other 2 forums to get some answers as well. THanks
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