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Originally Posted by Jaxshooter View Post
Just wanted to say thanks again for the use of the jig. I got it on Friday evening and did both guns Saturday. I felt bad because I could not ship it back until Tuesday 9-2-14 because of Labor Day holiday.
Jay, FL
Jay -

Thank you very much for caring!!! As has been reported, the demand for them comes and goes - seems like just having one circulating is about right most of the time but we have some spikes in interest that requires me to either increase wait time or send out multiples that are likely to just be returned to me after a single use.

The VAST majority of the participants have been quite responsive and have turned the jig around quite quickly. Unfortunately, I have not lately been able to be on the site multiple times a day, or even daily - so there have been some rare instances of someone not having the next address at the precise time that they finished their drilling - again, my apologies for anyone's inconvenience.

I believe many would be very surprised at the amount of time that is required to manage the logistics regarding this project. Each of the 265+ users require a minimum of 5 PMs for each destination - and that assumes everything moves perfectly - any troubles/delays along the way and that number of messages increases exponentially. I continue to be amazed how wonderfully responsive and caring the majority of people of RFC have been - and how genuinely appreciative recipients have been.

Thank you all for your participation in making this a very successful project!!!!!

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