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Originally Posted by stvnscott View Post
The chamber and leade do require regular scrubbing to prevent the dreaded carbon/lead ring from building up there. That ring causes cold bore fliers and general inconsistency in accuracy.

With this solution, one can use a bronze brush on a pistol rod to scrub the buildup out of that area, then use a bore mop to clean up the resultant crud. This can be done without cleaning the bore itself and removing the desirable 'seasoning'.

Personally, I scrub the area, then pull a bore snake through, because I have found the idea of never cleaning a .22 to be a myth in my own accuracy testing. Cleaner turns out to be more accurate, even though my grandfather told me the opposite, and I believed him for 30 odd years.
But drilling a hoe in your receiver? Geez! That's a new one on me. But people cover themselves in tattoos now so what do I know?
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