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Originally Posted by 1Megaton View Post
Ok. Same here but does the bolt partially block the breach when feeding a new round into the chamber? Only one of my BSA Martini's has this problem. If it is a problem.

The other rifles have no interference with the round as it pushed into the chamber.
Originally Posted by DoubleD View Post
This is correct

These are worn and could use adjustment
DoubleD - do you have any old literature from BSA, etc. that explicitly states or shows that this is the normal condition (i.e. that the breechblock should slightly block entry of a fresh cartridge)?

I have never heard/seen this anywhere and all the small frame (and large frame, for that matter) martinis I have had over the years, and still have, all allow the cartridge to slide right into the chamber without lowering the lever against mainspring pressure.
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