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[QUOTE=Camster;4688876]second one mentioned may go cheaply,but the condition is not what a collector would want,so ??

It appears that sale ended nearly a year ago. Not sure of the price, but expect it went for more than $1800 even in that condidion.

As a collector looking for as many variations as possible for a particular model, (my collection of Belgium Challengers) I would rather have a 4 1/2 inch Gold Challenger in that condition than not having one at all. There is the opportunity to upgrade somewhere down the road. There are many reasons to collect. Having only NIB samples is only one.

I have a Gold Challenger in 95% condition. Outside looks great. Inside shows it has been shot quite a bit. Price was right - less than minimum sown for the one in the second link. I bought it for the reason stated above; to fill a gap in my collelction.

Not trying to pick on you. Just my pet peeve that you have to buy only the very top of the line to be a collector.

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