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Only things I can think to check are:

1. Make sure the barrel screws are tight--the ones that clamp the barrel to the receiver.

2. Make sure you're getting good firing pin hits. Weak ignition can cause big groups. Make sure the firing pin moves freely and has enough protrusion.

3. Take off the barrel band and see how it shoots without it.

4. All else fails, try a different barrel. There are PLENTY of take-off barrels floating around the board here if you ask. Last month somebody was gonna chop several of them up to make wind chimes! I bet someone would be willing to send you a like-new factory barrel to try out if you ask nice.

Oh, I just assumed you had a scope on the thing. But maybe you don't! If not, are the sights loose or moving? (And if you DO have a scope, is IT okay, and the mounts and rings tight?)

Wish I could be of more help. I feel your pain--been chasing bad groups with a good bolt-action for years now. It's a headache.
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